Second Chance Orange County

Second Chance Orange County comes alongside low-income, recovering drug or alcohol addicts, helping them to reclaim their identities as contributing members of our community by providing them with individualized supportive services including, but not limited to: job placement, life skills, job skills, mentoring, coaching, mental health therapy, FAFSA help, and financial aid assistance for college entrance.

Learn from a top sales person at a Fortune 100 firm how to utilize effective sales skills.

Learn updated computing skills needed for today’s market-including Social Media marketing.

Conflict Resolution Management
Learn how to properly handle conflicts inside the workplace in order to increase job retention.

Customer Service
Learn how to relate with customers , handle difficult situations and maintain customer loyalty.

Learn how to maximize resources on a limited budget.

Learn how to build an enticing resume and prepare for interviews.

Job Placement
Upon completion of this progam, we will reach out to our business contacts to employ our graduates.

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