Testimonial from City Of Santa Ana client who got a job based on what she learned from Deb's class

A happy student from Deb's class in Santa Ana

A happy student from the class in the San Clemente shelter

Jeff- Client of Second Chance Orange County

Henry- Client of Second Chance Orange County

M.M. - Client of Second Chance Orange County

Jordan - Client of Second Chance Orange County

M.A. - Client of Second Chance Orange County

Vicki - Client of Second Chance Orange County

Peter - Client of Second Chance Orange County


M.H.    Costa Mesa, CA

“Thank you for helping me get a job. I won’t take it for granted. Everything went very well on my first day of work. I am really pleased with the job and look forward to making progress at work. Thank you for your support and help.”

J.C.   Anaheim, CA

“Thank you Second Chance Orange County. You gave me clothes, my new baby clothes and visited us in the hospital. I am now working doing loading and unloading in a warehouse and I have an apartment.”

Jill  Newport Beach, CA

“Thank you so Second Chance Orange County for taking me from being homeless in Newport Beach living in the Bristol Farms shopping area to temporary housing at Bethany House. They helped me with my resume and helped me get two jobs. They also assisted me in moving my storage unit items by paying for Uber rides and gave me two case managers to help me coordinate everything. I saved so much money from working the two jobs, that I made it out of the temporary shelter to renting a room on my own. I couldn’t have done this without all your help. Second Chance Orange County is a live saver!

T.M.   Costa Mesa, CA

“Thank you Second Chance Orange County.  You got me a job I love in less than three weeks. I am so happy and I love the new place that I am living. I am now saving to buy a car.”

Glenn (pictured left) Santa Ana, CA 

“Thank you Second Chance Orange County for taking me out of homelessness and getting me into Permanent Supporting Housing and getting me a great job. It is amazing how quickly you get everything done. I am a recovering addict and have been moving from Salvation Army, the Courtyard to finally a safe and great home. Also the job you got me was with a nice employer that paid me very well. Jeff, my case manager, helped me with all the moving and support services to make everything work out well. You saved me from living in awful conditions, you told me to be patient and you would figure it out and you did. Second Chance Orange is the best! You really care about your clients well-being. You and Jeff both visited me in the hospital when I had an issue and you reached out to others to visit me as well, so I was never alone. What an overall fabulous organization. I am SO HAPPY THAT I FOUND YOU.”

J.C.   Anaheim, CA

“I am thankful for being enrolled in Second Chance Orange County. Deb has been the most helpful in encouraging me, being thoughtful, very positive. She is the backbone I have needed in my life. Thank you for everything and there is more good to come. Furthermore, you gave me the motivation I needed to start a new productive life.”

D.H.   Anaheim, CA

“Thank you for getting me a job so quickly, that no one else was able to do.”

M.I. Lake Forest, CA

“I learned more in 3 weeks from my mentor, Deb, at Second Chance Orange County than I learned in a year in rehab! Thank you for getting me the perfect job. I am so happy and so blessed! You provided me the training I needed in CPR and First Aid and walked me through what I needed to do to move forward. I am now two years sober and I bought a car, and I am a productive member of society, working 10 hours a day. And, wait for it, I am going to school this next semester.”


A.H.   Costa Mesa, CA

“Second Chance Orange County opened up hope for me when I was in a bad situation. I had lost my job that I had for 15 years, because of a Meth Addiction. The ensuing months were some of the darkest I have known. I heard about Second Chance Orange County in a meeting. I contacted Deb Johnson who helped me get back on my feet on my road to success. Deb showed real concern for me in helping me get back on track with a job that paid well and that would not be overly stressful. It was a perfect fit working at a well-run campaign office, and I even got promoted while I was working there. Once the campaign ended Deb was kind enough to follow up with me to help me obtain a second job. I am extremely grateful for Second Chance Orange County who was there to help me at a time of great need. This assistance has proven invaluable to me in turning a negative situation into a stepping stone for a brighter future. I COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT THEM.

The people at Second Chance OC showed me that I can do it and there are people that will help. I appreciate the people I met at the job I was placed.  The good news is: I am in recovery and have over 20 months free of any mind-altering substances! The help that Second Chance Orange County provides can mean the difference between life and death!! Depression is always beating you down, and it is easy to get over-welted and give up, or give in to relapse.”


J.S.      Placentia, CA

“I got the best job ever with Second Chance Orange County. You spent two hours practicing my interviewing skills until I was comfortable. You prepared my resume and my backup materials so I shined and I got a new job that paid me 4 DOLLARS MORE AN HOUR, than my previous job. I appreciate Second Chance Orange County so much I have referred many recovering addicts to you, and you have helped them as well. I am one happy client.” UPDATE JAN. 2018 “I am now the dad of one cute little baby girl and thank you for helping my girlfriend and I so we could both remain sober so we could focus on raising our daughter. “


I.F.      Newport Beach, CA

“I never would have thought I would be where I am today, over 1 year sober. You provided an opportunity to make something of the life I thought I had destroyed. You believed in my ability to stay clean and saw something in me when I was unsure what was to come in the days/months ahead. The position where Second Chance Orange County placed me was an excellent opportunity for me to re-enter the workforce. It was a positive place with great people. Using that initial experience to build a foundation upon, I have been able to move forward and develop a plan for my future. Thank you for giving me a second chance.”